Fidelity Corp.


Well, would you look at that. No, look at it, read what it says. Kane Hibberd’s photo? Did you miss that? He did a great…


Incredible things going on.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 3.08.44 pm

They Theb added to the bill for Falls in Lorne & Byron Bay. That’s a lot of east coast to be enjoying right there. No point…

West Thebarton_Metro Theatre_Tom Wilkinson-45

Metro, random bar, terrible dancing, Lansdowne, beer, shouting. Cab receipt says 3.40am. Carry on. Photo – Tom Wilkinson


New Theb up in your ears. Added to triple j, rage, getting played on triple m. Streaming everywhere. Stop reading, go play.


Not before time, Thelma is stoked to be playing a Porch Session down on the Range in South Australia. The bill, as you can clearly…

NYE on the Hill - Complete Annouce -Instagram

You want to see West Thebarton (and a magician) in South Gippsland for New Year. And you’re back in the room.


‘Moving Out’ by West Thebarton is nominated for a couple of gongs at the annual SAM Awards, which will happen on November 9 at the Thebarton…

ThelmaPlum_FUSION17_Bus Stop Shelter_V1

Thelma’s heading to Wagga Wagga for Fusion 17 Festival on October 21. Seriously. Here is a bus stop advert to prove it.


Polish Club have invited West Thebarton to Come (Christmas) Party on their “Christmas in December” tour which is, unbelievably, in December. Remarkable scenes. The tour will…

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