West Thebarton Lansdowne Artwork NO SUPPORTS

They West Theb sorts will be up in Sydney for a one off headline show at the Lansdowne Hotel (following on from their sold out show at the Chippo, where Heath saw them play and then despatched tank to Brisbane the following night and now look at the mess we’re all in)..

Presented by Deathproof PR, 123 Agency and Fidelity Corp., the band will be playing plenty of new material from their as-yet untitled debut album, so stick FRIDAY 14 JULY into your diary, you know, now.



Stoked to welcome West Thebarton to the Fidelity Corp.

We’ve been getting set up for the last few weeks with the band, 123 Agency & Deathproof PR. Pleased to also announce they will also be represented by Rad at X-Ray Touring in London.

We all look forward to making them your favourite 7 piece band from Adelaide.

Photography by Kane Hibberd.



Long time Karnivool photographer & all round legend Kane Hibberd is killing it with VERSUS magazine, second issue is out and about now in a lot of stores in VIC and NSW or direct from his website. You can do this.


Office outing to (Show of the Year contender at) the Exeter in Adelaide on Saturday, with so many squashed into the space, a pop-up mezzanine was created out of stacked tables.

Fair play, fellas.




Karnivool will warm up for State of the Art festival with their first show of 2017, a road trip to their non-local local – the Prince of Wales in Bunbury.

They will be playing new material for the first time, have support coming form Skullcave and there’s a new PA at the Prince for FOH Willott to test/thrash.. so it could be one of the best things happening in Bunbury on Wednesday 24th May.



Karnivool will venture onto a stage in Perth.. returning from extended writing sessions to headline the annual State of the Art festival which will be happening at Elizabeth Quay on June 5. It’s a free one, but you can guarantee they’ll still be handing in a guest list.


Alpha Omega

Something a little off grid for us. At the back end of the Asymmetry tour, after the Roundhouse show in London, Jono met up with Darkglass Pedals owner Doug Castro and over (several) late night drinks in a Camden bar, a plan hatched for Jono to collaborate on a new pedal. 18 months, a 26200 km round trip from Australia to Finland and many days & nights in development, stoked to finally see the Alpha Omega bass pedal hit shops.



DM cross

Especially excited to have Thelma at Dark Mofo 2017, performing with AB Original at the Odeon in Hobart. Tickets on sale from Tuesday 11 April.



San Cisco tour

Oh yes, indeed, it’s tour time for Thelma, heading out on the road with San Cisco. Get ready for a bunch of new material from her new album, recently recorded, not released yet, that one. Yes.



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